As the reality of Smart Cities loom in the distant horizon, technology enablers, must build solutions to weave into a mesh of connected and smart services that enhance the standard of living and overall security. To support the formation of this mesh, Bosch Limited’s Building Technologies’ team constantly innovates products and solutions pertaining to data-led and intelligent security to curb unwanted incidents that may hamper socio-economic growth. Two of our recent smart move initiatives are the suite for Intelligent Analytics and AVIOTEC series which is an intelligent Video-based Fire Detection solution. Such solutions are futuristic and have capabilities to contribute towards the realization of smart home, smart campus and smart city solutions.

Better security through intelligent video-surveillance cameras

With expanding infrastructure in the Indian cities, it’s important to have solutions of video surveillance which can enable the authorities to monitor, record and decide based on the alarm systems. Here the suite of intelligent analytics by Bosch, includes artificial intelligence to add meaning to the video feeds so that quicker decisions are made by the authorities. Hence, Bosch cameras not only act as eyes for the end-customers but are equipped with brains to make the right and timely decision. The cameras are pre-populated with scenario-based algorithms that equip them to not just detect living beings and non-living objects, but also analyze situations in real-time, empowering authorities to take more fruitful decisions. For instance, while a generic camera will pick up on an image of an abandoned bag, a smart sensing camera can analyze the feed and alert the authorities, thereby saving precious time.

Additionally, our predictive analysis algorithm, can assess the rising water levels in the vicinity and detect the threat of flood, prompting pre-emptive measures. While capturing data is important, storing them for immediate and further analysis is integral too. Most surveillance equipment is connected to a centralized server via a labyrinth of a network. The surveillance device captures the visual information and then transmits that data to the control system via this network. However, in the case of a network failure, the data is not available. To counter this concern, Building Technologies have an innovative ‘On the Edge and Cloud’ solution which enables the cameras to work unaided and in a decentralized manner.

Our intelligent sensory cameras are deployed across sectors like transportation, public infrastructure, stadiums, entertainment hubs, business parks and other avenues that witness heavy footfall on a daily basis.

Intelligent surveillance will be the backbone of Smart City security. Imagine security cameras that understand what they see, detect relevant information from the scenario, process image in a way that the focus remains on the object of interest despite movement, and tag recordings so you wouldn’t have to examine through hours’ worth of data. With Bosch’s solutions, such a scenario is already a reality.




Sudhir Tiku

Business Head, Building Technologies,
Bosch Limited

Making India fire proof with AVIOTEC’s superior detection capabilities

The core differentiators between Smart Cities and its traditional counterparts are the standard of living, economic competitiveness, and sustainability. Fire safety is crucial to all three of them. It’s only natural to assume that the modern, energy-efficient buildings would lay more importance to fire safety. A Smart City infrastructure is expected to integrate a high level of the fire safety mechanism to enable quick actions during and post-fire-related incidents. However, it’s also important to ensure fire safety techniques that can reduce the occurrence, as well as include early detection capabilities. Today’s fire safety systems, despite featuring a gamut of detection technology, carry certain physical restrictions. For instance, the reaction time lag in establishments with higher ceilings where the smoke takes longer to migrate to the detectors.

In line with this philosophy, Building Technologies’ team has developed a modified fire detection system, the AVIOTEC IP Starlight Camera that uses neuronal networks, contrast-based and physical algorithms to analyze video images for the occurrence of flame or smoke.

Bosch’s unique and scientifically proven physical smoke model enables AVIOTEC to detect smoke right at the source and to intelligently distinguish between smoke and other moving objects before sending out an alert. Compared to other video-based solutions that detect a threat only at more than 50% smoke opacity AVIOTEC’s patented algorithm can detect fire in scenarios with a smoke opacity of as low as 30%.

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