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Annual Report 2017-18

As India handles the transportation and commuting needs of its increasing population, the need of the hour is smart surveillance and security solutions. The Bosch Security Systems division plays a vital role here by providing security services across airports, metro stations, sporting stadiums and other critical infrastructure. With solutions such as IP-based cameras, PA systems, fire detection and more, Bosch is aiding the nation’s transformation to smart cities.

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru is one of many public gathering hubs where Bosch security solutions and smart surveillance cameras are deployed. Through a centralized Building Integration System, Bosch delivers greater security and faster emergency response.

India’s growth story is well documented. With the country’s population of more than 1.3 billion people constantly on the move, metro stations and airports have become increasingly populated. They have to deal with thousands of commuters going in and out of their doors every day. In 2017, India’s civil aviation market handled 295 million travelers across its 449 airports. As more Indian cities explore the option of metro rail networks, a further 500 kilometers of lines are under construction to add to the existing 425 kilometers of operational lines.

With increased footfalls, there is an increase in security concerns as well. Public transport hubs have to be vigilant and prepared for unforeseen security threats which have the potential to cause major disruption and damage. Hence, major safety improvements in the sector are essential to support the country’s continued economic growth and increased mobility. Bosch recognizes this need and provides solutions for such critical security services.

The greatest challenge of protecting public transport stations is the scale. Authorities need to guard passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure and assets against diverse and unknown threats. The sheer area that has to be monitored often leaves authorities with a tall mountain to climb as threats can arise on – tracks, underground passageways, parking zones, buildings, luggage storage areas and parked engines. The security and safety risks at these spots include fire, terrorism, smuggling, illegal immigration, theft and more.

This is where Bosch comes in with its smart security solutions that are adept at providing integrated digital services to transform the nation’s security systems. It provides IP-based surveillance cameras, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Public Address (PA) and Voice Evacuation Systems, Fire/Intrusion Alarms and much more. With these solutions, the nation’s transport hubs are alerted in real-time about unattended packages, suspicious movements, unexpected crowd behavior and more.

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Once integrated, Bosch’s surveillance solutions can trigger alerts that help neutralize widespread threats and ensure public safety. Video analytics can be used to detect crowd density at critical locations to ensure safe movement. For major emergencies, the solutions are also capable of crowd control through the PA system to direct individuals towards established safe zones or exits.

Bosch’s Building Integration System (BIS) provides a centralized control point for monitoring all security, safety and building management systems within an establishment. It seamlessly integrates fire and intrusion alarms, evacuation, access control, CCTV and building automation systems in a single platform. Not only does this enable a single operator to monitor and control all security systems, it also delivers faster responses to emergencies and greater overall effectiveness.

Batting for safe security with Bosch

Another area where such solutions are vital in India are sporting venues; especially those dedicated to cricket, a sport revered as much as religion in the country. From the World Cup to the IPL (Indian Premier League), cricket stadiums witness massive attendance by spectators all through the year. Venues like the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Central Bengaluru attract large crowds for every match it hosts, and this presents several security challenges. The safety risks inside and outside a stadium include fire, rioting, vandalism and terrorism. A venue this large inevitably has multiple security, safety, communication and building automation systems installed. Hence, there is a considerable need for effective security management.

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art IP-based security surveillance cameras by Bosch that have been placed at strategic locations inside and outside the ground. These smart cameras are capable of capturing video feed across a spectrum of lighting conditions and providing advanced video analytics to the authorities to maintain the stadium’s security.

While the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium may face such issues only on a few occasions throughout the year, public utility spaces such as airports and metro stations require persistent surveillance solutions on a minute-to-minute basis. Utilities such as Bosch’s integrated security systems help in this endeavor by pinpointing bottlenecks and dynamically transmitting relevant data to respective teams wherever they are installed.

Bosch’s objective is to build a secure environment for every commuter and spectator so that their focus remains solely on the activity they have set out on without worrying about the surroundings. As India’s population continues to grow rapidly, the security industry will need to continue innovating its offerings to help create a secure environment across sectors with industry players like Bosch at the forefront of this endeavor.

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Facilities in which thousands of people come together on a regular basis must meet specific and demanding security, safety and communication criteria. Security as a sector is constantly evolving because threats are constantly changing; so, products must evolve at a similar pace. With the help of automation and IoT technologies, our security solutions can now effectively contribute towards sustained efforts to build Smart Infrastructure across India.