Pumping up collaborations

Success story - Re-vision

The world today understands that to achieve success, change is a necessary element. This fact has led to many industries constantly looking for the opportunity to improve. Nowhere is this more evident than in the automotive industry. As emission standards change, finding ways to upgrade systems across all platforms remains the best way to help create a better future. Learning from the past and building on its achievements represents one of these avenues to the future. Bosch exemplifies this idea, with the redesigned plug-in pump (CP4i-ME) for fuel injection that enables the system to meet BS VI norms.

A project as extensive as planning the future can only be achieved by teams across the world working together. By exchanging information, common goals can be identified and solutions can be found much faster. The development of the plug-in pump saw Halesha Prakash Gowda, senior manager, and his team constantly interacting with their counterparts in Europe while they sought to design pumps that could meet similar requirements in both the regions. Bosch realized that the requirements of India and Europe could be achieved through a singular solution.

Among other tasks, a key challenge both teams sought to address during the development process was the separation of fuel from oil. The plug-in pump, developed by Bosch, avoids such a mix, thereby enabling the use of emission optimized nozzles and exhaust gas after treatment. Instead of working on their designs separately and duplicating the required effort, the teams combined their efforts to create a single design that could be used across all Bosch locations. This newly designed pump can now deal with more pressure in the engine and deliver increased hydraulic efficiency compared to current plug-in pumps for BS IV. What's more, the knowledge gained from this project can be applied elsewhere to enhance all automotive systems and benefit the company on a whole.

The plug-in pump forms a part of the efforts underway in India to achieve BS VI compliance. On a global level, the project also stands as a testament to Bosch's commitment to delivering high quality products at competitive costs.