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Annual Report 2017-18

The Bosch Power Tools division is transforming the lives of tradesmen around the country through three key digital initiatives – My Bosch Buddy, My Bosch Rewards and Service on Wheels. These initiatives are enabling Bosch to reduce the distance to customers, and thus aiding India to meet its infrastructure investment.

Transformation begins at the grassroot level for Indian tradesmen, and this means getting Bosch Power Tools in the hands of many. One of the best examples of this enhanced reach is that of a simple carpenter with an artistic urge from a small town in Central India.

Buddhasen Vishwakarma’s story perfectly encapsulates the transformation that Bosch is driving. A carpenter by profession since the age of 14, Buddhasen is also driven by an unquenchable desire to follow his artistic pursuits and build something creative with his hands. In his free time, he makes designs and sculptures and has become a celebrity in his village of Baikunthpur, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh for gifting Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, a handmade wooden motorcycle.

While Buddhasen is an inspiration for his fellow villagers, he often ended up feeling disappointed with the quality and precision of the locally made hand tools he used. Bosch stepped in and provided him with the industry’s best power tools that then helped him hone his skills and chase his creative dreams further.

Buddhasen knows that times are changing, and with Bosch Power Tools in his arsenal he can minimize his effort and increase his earnings too. His artistry now has the right tools to flourish, and the village of Baikunthpur is waiting with bated breath to see his next masterpiece.

The transformative vision of Bosch Power Tools

Bosch’s vision is to similarly transform the lives of thousands of tradesmen around the country. These tradesmen depend on their hands and tools for their daily wages and livelihoods. India’s real estate and construction sectors are undergoing transformation due to reformative projects by the government such as Smart Cities, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, affordable housing and more. KPMG estimates peg the infrastructure investment needed at approximately ₹ 44,49,163 crore mark. Ultimately, it is these tradesmen and their tools who are converting these visions to reality at the ground level.

The Bosch Power Tools division led by Panish P K, Vice President, Bosch Power Tools India & SAARC, understands that India’s vast expanse can become an indispensable strength and is thus undertaking innovative approaches aided by digital technologies to expand its reach and get its products in the hands of many. This means that in every district, whether it is urban, semi-urban or transitional, there is to be a Bosch direct dealer so that every individual can buy a Bosch power tool within a radius of 3-4 kilometers.

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Inevitably, this cannot be achieved without implementing modern technologies across the supply chain. Overcoming communication gaps to share information, engage partners and incentivize them is thus being approached from an entirely new perspective. Bosch’s three-party distribution ecosystem is undergoing a revamp that is wholeheartedly customer-centric with a motto that is plain – “reduce distance to customers”. The three key initiatives driving this mission are My Bosch Buddy, My Bosch Rewards and Service on Wheels.

Each of these programs understand that Bosch’s channel partners across the country will play a pivotal role, so including them in this transformative journey is vital. Viswanatha Raju, National Sales Manager, Bosch Power Tools, India says, “My Bosch Buddy is a business intelligence platform designed to deliver 360-degree transparency in the value chain. We call it intelligence-on-the-go and it is designed for partners and the Bosch salesforce to access business information on the fly.”

Thanks to its mobile interface, My Bosch Buddy inculcates the spirit of partnership and makes decisions on the field simpler. It provides the latest information about product portfolios, promotions, customer information and more, to provide a sense of agility that is only possible in the 21st century. Complete transparency into targets, performance, catalogs and prices translates into a win-win situation for all. On the other end of the spectrum, My Bosch Rewards is an incentive-based purchase program to create brand awareness and loyalty amongst retail users.

Bosch’s target audience is anyone who needs to purchase a tool – be it a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason or a contractor. It’s no secret that for tradesmen, possession of the right tool enables them to get a job and improve their earnings. They earn wages on a day-to-day basis so what they need is easy availability of tools to purchase and a guarantee of quality and repair. Bosch Power Tools provides those, but the key question is why would a buyer choose Bosch?

Maneesh Sharma, Head of Marketing, Blue Professional Power Tools, says, “Two-thirds of tradesmen walk into a store and know which product they want but are undecided about the brand. While we have filled gaps of product and reach, bridging the relationship gap was crucial. We want every tradesman to walk into a store and say – I want a Bosch power tool.”

My Bosch Rewards is a first-of-its-kind app-based loyalty program in this industry category and it is built on a scalable IT backbone. Any purchase of a Bosch power tool by a user enables him to earn points which can subsequently be redeemed for rewards that range from small home appliances to two-wheelers. The program is designed to engage users into long-term relationships with Bosch. The adoption rate of the program by loyal users has been very encouraging. This ensures that a Bosch power tool is in the hands of more and more users across the country, thus enabling a nationwide transformation.

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Kiran Krishnaswamy, National Service Manager, Bosch Power Tools, answers another pertinent question here, “What about our large industrial accounts whose expectations are very different? For them, service is the single most crucial factor, so we simply put Bosch’s service on wheels and took it to their sites.” These large users demand low cost of ownership and hassle-free ownership resulting in low downtime. In its constant endeavor to reduce distance to users, Bosch Power Tools launched the ‘Service on Wheels’ concept – fully equipped mobile vans whose primary goal is to ensure user satisfaction.

Currently operational in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi, these mobile vans are already being acknowledged by customers due to the value addition they provide in the form of on-site demonstrations, preventive maintenance and application solutions, besides health, safety and repair assistance. Service on Wheels will soon be launched in other major cities across the country.

Mobile vans will be available in 15 top cities across the country by the end of 2018
On-site testing, demonstrations, training and repairs of Bosch power tools

Additionally, the Bosch Power Tools division is also in the midst of implementing a large-scale CRM order salesforce later this year. India will become the first country outside North America to implement such a system and consumerize the connected experience that Bosch’s users want. Bosch realizes that designing fascinating products is not enough anymore if appropriate digital tools are not used to get them into the hands of the thousands of tradesmen across the country. The blueprint is in place and all that remains is for the organization to continue down the path of transformation.

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Traditionally, India’s size has created significant bottlenecks for business growth and distribution. Over the last two years we have transformed our approach and our goal is simple – by 2020, we wish to have a considerable presence in every Indian district that meets specific population criteria and exceeds a threshold of industrial GDP.