India aims to achieve a solar power capacity of 100 GW by 2022 in a bid to become a solar energy success story. A smart move that can only see fruition when leaders across state governments and industries, and the common man adopts the solar movement which spells tremendous environmental and economic benefits.

As a leader in the manufacturing industry and an inherent understanding of manufacturing facilities, Bosch not just believes in the mass adoption of the movement but also works towards boosting carbon neutrality on national and global levels. Bosch as a company is to be fully climate-neutral as early as next year. It’s over 400 locations worldwide, and their engineering, manufacturing, and administrative facilities will no longer leave a carbon footprint. This will make Bosch the first major industrial enterprise to achieve this ambitious goal in a little over a year.

Our intent is to position ourselves as energy partners who support commercial and industrial facilities across India in switching to cleaner energy sources, such as solar power plants, and reduce existing energy consumption through energy efficiency solutions. The recent partnership with Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) integrates both these offerings.

Bosch started with a pilot project for HMSI by installing a 600 kW rooftop solar power plant in their manufacturing unit in Manesar, Haryana in 2015.

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With this project, we pioneered the unique concept of handrails, lifelines, and walkways. Such was the success of the pilot project and our existing relationship with HMSI through previous mobility projects, that in 2018, the team approached Bosch again for upgrading the Manesar rooftop solar plant to a 2MW capacity. Based on its vast expertise in the solar energy industry, Bosch guided the Manesar unit management in adopting the right technology and engineering approach to guarantee performance and quality throughout the life of the solar plant.

Meanwhile, other HMSI plants also took notice of solar energy’s contribution towards lowered operation cost and carbon footprints and decided to incorporate the same. The decentralized nature of the organization enabled various HMSI units to pick other solution providers, but they preferred to partner with Bosch. The attitude of assisting the customer through the preliminary planning stages, the success of the pilot project, and offering the best techno-commercial value provided Bosch with the opportunity to partner with other 3 HMSI units in Tapukara, Vithalapur, and Narsapura.

Bosch Limited’s biggest strength lies in its multi-domain expertise. We leveraged the talent of our in-house energy department to develop the Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution, a unique energy efficiency solution pioneered and offered by only Bosch in the industry. Such is our unwavering trust in this solution that we’ve implemented it in our plants across Bengaluru, Bidadi, and Nashik plants as well as for external players in the automotive industry.



Mohandas Mekanapurath

Business Head
Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
Bosch Limited

Enabling Smart Moves with Integrated Services

The key success factor for the projects was then to customize the solutions to the requirement of each facility. For instance, since operational patterns differed across plants, we had to factor in the variation in power demand. We tackled this with a customized control system, which ramps down the power generated from the solar plant based on the real-time power demand and match operational requirements. Additionally, certain plants had extremely strict deadlines, which the Bosch team met with parallel execution of non-dependent activities despite on-site challenges.

Since such manufacturing units are operational around the clock with a constant man and material movement within the facility,

Bosch devised a systematic approach to ensure the highest safety level without disrupting the manufacturing operations of HMSI. Being a manufacturing entity with unbending safety protocols, Bosch understood the need for making safety paramount without hindering movement. To ensure uninterrupted manufacturing operations and installation activities, the Bosch team came up with an internal traffic movement plan before commencing on-ground execution. In addition, the handrails, lifelines, and walkway concept introduced by Bosch, which has now become an industry norm, ensured zero incidents during the project execution.

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In total, Bosch Limited supported HMSI in setting up 25 MW solar power generation capacity across its facilities in India. These solar power plants will generate approximately 5% to 34% of the annual power requirement of various HMSI units. It is an important achievement for them as they incur 8-10% of their operating cost on energy expenditure – and offset the carbon footprint by an equivalent of 31,862 tonnes of CO² emissions, boosting the green image of the company. Our aim to provide value and reduce HMSI’s carbon footprint didn’t just end there.

In addition to focusing on clean energy generation through solar, Bosch energy experts also suggested energy efficiency solutions to optimize current process energy consumption.

We proposed the Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution for HMSI’s Manesar unit targeting the washing machine process, wherein manufactured automotive components passed through a heat treatment process by submerging them in a chemical bath maintained at 65 °C to eliminate grime, grease, and dirt from components before passing on to further processes or assembly.

The solution substitutes the process’ conventional heating system with an energy-efficient heat pump based system. The intelligent control feature of the solution ensures that when temperatures drop below 65 °C, the heat pump springs into action and automatically raises the temperature of the chemical by the differential.

Pitted against the conventional heating system, the solution achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption and provided assurance of optimum performance. Whether it is promoting higher energy efficiency through proactive measures or delivering power from sustainable energy sources, there is a pressing need for all facets of the economy to work towards a cleaner and greener India. Solar energy and energy efficiency have already emerged as integral components to achieving this vision. But it can only be achieved if businesses across India take up an approach similar to HMSI. Bosch Limited’s innovative energy offerings, whether it is in terms of reliable solar power plants or customized energy efficiency solutions, play a critical role in enabling a sustainable and greener future. We constantly reinvent to provide better energy solutions and become the go-to energy partners for enterprises across India.

Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India Goes Green With Energy Solutions From Bosch

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