Harnessing the power
of 'One Bosch'

Success story - Collaborate

At Bosch Limited, we hold the unshakeable belief that excellence is only possible by placing the customer at the heart of every developed solution. More often than not, this involves different teams across verticals working in collaboration to deliver an enhanced solution. Seamless synergy between teams from different domains is what drives us forward and has enabled us to gain expertise over our 90-year old history. Today's customer is more knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, but in most cases, the solution that they demand is only a fraction of the full-extent of what they need. At Bosch, we pride ourselves on anticipating such needs before they arise, and meeting them to deliver cost savings, productivity and satisfaction for our customers.

A leading example of this took place when a leading automotive manufacturer wanted to reduce its CO2 emissions by 10 percent. The result was a 57 percent reduction in energy consumption and 8.44 tonnes of annual CO2 reduction.

Collaborating for success

It was business as usual for Mr. Sekhar Dharmavaram Desai, who was the key account holder of a premier automotive manufacturer within Bosch Limited. While attending a customer supplier meet in 2014, the Bosch veteran was alert to pick up on the increasing focus his customer had been giving to projects related to sustainability. Having previously attended several internal drives related to cross-selling, Mr. Desai was able to pitch for other businesses of the group in India. "We mapped the offerings that Bosch could offer from its business beyond mobility profile," said Mr. Desai. After several rounds of internal discussion, the team was able to offer the customer a solution from its energy profile.

Bringing his years of sales experience to the table, Mr. Desai further comments, "It is crucial for us to connect and understand the customer's interest and his strategy well." This may seem like plain old sales rhetoric, but it did achieve the goal, for Mr. Desai and his team gained the buy-in and support of the customer's top management. This set the ball rolling. "In fact, the customer's team was very transparent and this gave us further insight into the energy conservation plans they had mapped out for the coming years," said Nilesh Sawant, who led and delivered on this project from Bosch's Energy Efficiency team.

But then what success would that be, if it didn't involve overcoming a few hiccups? Elaborating further, Mr. Desai, stated, "Convincing the customer to implement the heat pump solution was challenging." After several rounds of technical discussions, the team finally agreed for a pilot project. "All we needed was a toe-hold. We were confident of our offering and the visible benefit it could offer," said Nilesh.

The results post the pilot project were beyond satisfying. The customer was motivated to further their discussion with Bosch Limited regarding energy savings. This included further deployment of the heat pump solution in areas such as the paint shop and powertrain, among others.

Over the past few years Bosch India's management team has made concerted efforts to offer its customers full-fledged solutions. This is only possible if business units within the group think about opportunities beyond their respective silos. "They need to zoom out and look at the macro picture," says Ramachandran N, the coordinator for Bosch India's cross-selling activities. As a facilitator, his key objective is to help units understand the goals and objectives of other verticals. Bringing ten legal entities (across India) on a single page to offer solutions as 'One Bosch' is no mean task.

Ramachandran opines, "Cross-selling is a unique opportunity for Bosch India's associates. They have the opportunity to go beyond defined boundaries to learn, understand and contribute to the development of other businesses." Take for instance, Mr. Desai, who believes that the cross-selling vision and targets gave him an opportunity to think and act differently.

'One Bosch,' - same quality across all offerings

Taking precautions against every possible risk, Nilesh and team had simulated data that could be demonstrated to the customer's management. "We have a competent team onboard that brings to the table experience and dynamism. Such a combination allows us to offer customers tailor-made solutions."

"The breadth of our engineering expertise, our deep understanding of this market, coupled with the in-house talent that we nurture and our established processes truly make Bosch unique. All these factors build our value and give us that competitive edge," remarks Mr. Desai.